UK YUDENT02 experiences from those that ship to the UK from europe?


I am living in the crazy UK, where we are somewhat ripped off for most things, and some things are just not readily available - including high quality media.

I have searched the forums and found some (i believe dutch - ending in .de) sites that ship to the UK, but dont know what these people are like with their shipping to the UK.

I think is who i might perhaps buy from, but need to know of peoples experiences - it works out to around £65 for 100 yudent02’s shipped using the paypal converter.

These are real tys i believe, but what is the service like?!

I’d just like to know, as im about to order stuff from them, and it does sound like a lot - £65 on media, so i want to be sure!

thanks in advance!

I have bought from and they are very good.
look at , maybe it will be cheaper .

are svp’s real - i heard people had issues with their ‘8x ty’s’ actually being 4x ty’s.
the thing with is that theyre so fantastic they got that dvdinfo dump on the page and it quite clearly says just what i want it to! real yudens, 16x burning.

thanks though.

Well SVP doesn’t sell fake TY, if that’s what you’re asking. I have a mate in London that ordered a 100 disc spindle of the 4x DVD+Rs. I think now they actually have YUDEN000T02.

just bought 50 ( 2x25) DVD+, and 50 CD, and some Ricoch DL. 106€ including postage and vat, received everything within a week.
DVD 8x printable, are real tayo yunden and when I put one in my Benq 1620, Nero sets it to 16x !
don’t know if os-media is the cheapest, but for sure it’s a great great seller.just wanna add than I paid via paypal.
yes it’s a lot of money but think they’re charging 14€ for postage only…

ps : forgot to say it’s yudento2, both on nero info and on dvd identifier, and I’m in France, not in UK, but I’m sure it will be as right for you as I was for me.

That’s a fact. And that’s the main reason I’m thinking in buying some stuff from them. It’s quite a difference to spend, lets say, 62€ instead of 80€. The low postage fee sure helps deciding where to buy, but the material must be really good!
Does anyone have experience with this shop? Did someone experienced any problems with it? If so, what shop do you recommend (one that delivers in western Europe)