UK YouTube users lose music videos

I just posted the article UK YouTube users lose music videos.

Google and a music royalty collection society in Britain have failed to reach a rights agreement, effectively eliminating access to YouTube’s music videos in the UK.
PRS for Music, the collection…

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The music and video companies and copywrite-holders are getting crazy, because they are greedy they are loosing money. Thy want a lot of money in such sort time it’s incomprehensable that something like this can exist. I have never seen such a greedy poeple. And from all that money I’m sure only 10% go to those whom make music and video or film… Shame, shame shame on the RIAA and MPAA and the likes… :a:a:a:doh:

Music Videos are nothing more than an extended advertisement. They are worthless. They have no creativity or originallity like they did in the 80’s when the concept was new. So who cares. Get rid of them all together. They are useless.

Lol, so copyright holders became greedy and wanted more money than reasonable for doing nothing, Google said “fuck you” and closed down access to all music videos? That’s one freaking genius move from Google to teach copyright holders who is the boss.

So, Google, not Youtube “per se”, are successful, probably because they work towards that. Those “genius” PRS guys look at their balance sheet and think: “Hey, look at all that cash! We also want to party!”.

Stupid and greedy. And now they seem to be begging for mercy?

Failure of negotiations reflects the greed of both PRS and Google.
Neither have the interest the general public.

Dominant, monopolistic players like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Apple are finding that initial market demand for their products is finally easing after giving them more than a decade of huge growth and profits.

Rather than tweaking their products with superficial changes they should apply inovative thought and initiative to create entirely original, innovative and truly useful new products.

These companies have grown fat and lazy, putting most of their effort into squeezing the last cent out past successes and using market dominance to acheive it.

They concentrate on the bonus, showing a contempt for the end user - like their greedy Wall Street Weavils.

The sun may be setting on Silicon Valley unless it changes it’s ways.
I suspect, rahter than being content with copying, the bright minds in India or China will start next wave of computer - internet inovation.