(UK) Verbatim DVD-R from play.com

does anyone know where the current stock of 50 packs are made?
they cant tell me by e-mail



does anyone know a good uk website that is sell made in taiwan -R at a low price of around £11 for a pack of 50 with delevery?


Not sure about the made in Taiwan, but I buy all my Verbies from http://www.svp.co.uk; just under £10 for tubs of 50 DVD+/-R YUDENT003 or MCC004. The p&p is uneconomical unless you’re buying at least two packs; I aim for 4 if possible. If you join their mailing list, they occasionally run 99p shiping weekends.

I’ve been using them for years and give them a big thumbs up.



P.S. One of the reviews for a spindle of DVD+Rs from play.com said that they were made in India and had media code MCC004.

The made in India are just as good as the made in Taiwan from SVP, well in the last year they have been, they were also telling you which were MII, but that was before the website change.

Its well screwed up now, and you cant even set the listing to order them in an A to Z style listing. I have stopped getting my bulk/boxes from them quite some time back, but still liked to get 20 or 30 odd 50 tubs and 10 or 15 25’s of various makes/brands of the range of MID’s I like every few months. But now its a pain that you cant go down thru the list, and even more so as all of my old orders have gone from the my accounts area, I get the feeling that they might want to be just a computer parts place now gutted.

There are very few places with a good range and give the real info, I might have to give up playing around with other media and just double up on the verbatim boxes :frowning:

[QUOTE=Lenny_Nero;2290107]and even more so as all of my old orders have gone from the my accounts area[/QUOTE]

So, they’ve made a bit of a SNAFU changing to the new website; but, to be fair, they did say on their email that it would take some time to get all the order histories transferred…



SVP have sorted the order histories, I dont see any e-mail saying that this would take time, but then we do get a large amount of e-mail from them and I dont read many of them.

But I am not happy with the new layout and lack of an A~Z listing, but that is just because of the way I have all of my lists sorted (A to Z) and not by what some other person thinks is popular or not.

I still think they seem to be about the best media shop for the UK and have a better range than most.