UK - Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL 25pk £19.99

Maplin’s have 25pk 8x DVD+R DL Verbatim’s for £19.99, online and instore, on sale until 27/10/2009

The only other thing I have to say about these, is they are 'Pearl White’s, so I am not entirely sure they will be MKM-003’s. I have ordered some as my local store is out of stock. I will let you know what they are when they arrive.

Checked today, they don’t say pearl white on the package but they was MII :frowning:

Received mine today. Mine are ‘Pearl White’, Made in India.

Will burn one later to see how it fares.

Optiarc 7200s burn

[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2446946]Optiarc 7200s burn[/QUOTE]

My 150 are all on their way back tomorrow they are terrible

They have hit problems with these, still a lot better than other media but not worth the extra

While they don’t scan too well, the work fine, so I’m reasonably happy.

[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2447141]While they don’t scan too well, the work fine, so I’m reasonably happy.[/QUOTE]

For a pack of 25 maybe but not 6 packs . MII verbs any gains they had in quality have vanished again , unless of course these PW 8x are old stock from when MBI were given contract . I have never seen them before this so assumed these were relatively new stock.

Thanks, I popped down to get the SL discs and was surprised to see it was MCC 004 (Made in Taiwain(, and thought I would take a look at these DL discs as I hadn’t seen them around before. I’m glad I found your info before buying some!

I might end up going back for more MCC 004, as I believe the ones SVP previously sent me are the Indian version, so at least I know what I will be getting.