UK: Verbatim 50pk CDR £11.99 @ Staples, BOGOF

I don’t know if this is just a regional or in-store thing, but at Staples yesterday there was a deal for 50 Verb CDRs - £11.99, Buy One, Get One Free.

Great price for 100 Verbies in the UK IMO, especially if you can grab the TY Extra Protection ones, as we did yesterday (cleared out the last two spindles in our Staples :p).

only 2 spindles?? you should go to another staples and check out for more, use the receipt you have to have them price match if the other staples have different price. When we have sale in the States, they are around $8 per 50 disc, so $16 for $100 disc and thus still cheaper than $11.99 pounds for 100 disc for tY media

You guys get better prices there than we do anyway, plus more specials and coupons and the like :wink:

I don’t know of another Staples besides the one I go to, I’ll have to check that out, thanks for the tip (one thing I do know that’s the same as in the US, is that Staples at least do pricematch LOL).

As for grabbing more - no such luck, I spotted one spindle, and had to really dig around for another TY spindle (I didn’t even spot the second one, my mum did!).

Oh and…I dare you to find TY Verbies of any flavour in the US :bigsmile: