UK - Verbatim 16x +/- 100pk £17.99 Shipped



Just spotted that Currys have Verbs 100pk +/- for £17.99 with free shipping

Works out cheaper than SVP as they have now put their prices up to £4.99/25 and free shipping too.

I’ve just ordered some so I’ll let you know where they are made.


Is that just an online deal, or are the prices the same in the B&M stores?

I ask because it’s a lot easier for me just to get a lift there, it’s only a few miles away :slight_smile:


Sorry, don’t know.

There isn’t a Currys very near me. Its probably just online though.


Ah, thanks anyway. I’ll check my nearest Curry’s anyway (I can go into PC World and Staples too then, which are alongside).

If not I may bite the bullet and buy online :slight_smile:


Arrived this morning. They are MII.

Will try and burn someting later…


With the usual photo of Taiyo Yuden packaging :slight_smile:


I find the MII Verbatims from Currys/Pissy-World are quite good. Scan results are as good as or better than MIJ Verbatims.


Ordered 200. My mother’s gonna kill me :eek:

Thanks jubjubbird :bow:

Pissy-World…hahaha :bigsmile:


Try not to show bill to Mom or let her see the package coming.


No problem!

Its nice to find some decent prices for us this side of the pond!


It certainly is, they don’t come around very often! I’m glad you posted that link though, my mum says she neeeds more Verb CDRs, so I’m gonna get her to order those online too with the free shipping, as they’re a good few quid cheaper than in the B&M Curry’s. :wink:

@TCAS - hehe, while I can have the discs delivered here, she’ll still get the CC bill since it’s her card, so there’s no escape! I’d just better have the money ready for her by the time the bill comes in. She thought I was only ordering 100, but with the price and free shipping, I couldn’t resist another pack :eek: