UK - Verb 8X TY002 anywhere?

SVP are out - pick verb due to the decent top surface
rather than pure TY as i think they have those awful shiny
tops that almost suck your fingerprints on to them



Are you after T02 (8x) +R or TYG02 (8x -R)?

My local Maplin’s has the 25 spindles of Verbatim T02, so if you have one near you, you could try there.


Speaking of Maplins they have an offer on for 100 Verbs -R or +R for £29.99, sadly I dont! have one near where I live :frowning: Here you go :

@Arachne: Do you reckon they will be MII or what?

£10 says they’re definitely not MIJ. I would guess MII, since that’s all I seem to find there, and in Curry’s and PCW.

Might see if I can cadge a lift to my “local” (about 3 miles) one and find out :slight_smile:

should have said -R

MIJ or MII - dont understand what that means , i know which dye is good

i’d guess a decent cake “made in japan” that tests as TY002 on dvdinfo
would be ok

i have found some panasonci ty003s at pc-world as well

please advise


MIJ: Made in Japan.
MII: Made in India.
Well, could be MIT Prodisc too, but neither one performs exceptionally well.

The ones in my local one are MII. But they’ve also got some 25 pack TY002’s :bigsmile:


thanks for the info - so MIJ and if they test as TY002 i’ll be larfing

i’ll check maplins

TY002s? TYG02s or T02, you mean? This is getting quite confusing :bigsmile:


you got me ! - its all too much . . .

I’ve only seen +Rs (YUDEN000 T02) in Maplin’s, which is nice because I prefer them. You may get lucky and find TYG02s though.

Happy hunting :wink:

Edit: the MID thing is just one of my pet peeves, hehe :bigsmile:

There’s no advantage in getting TYG02 over YUDEN000 T02, I don’t like TYG02 much because it is said that its stability isn’t as good as YUDEN000 T02’s is. :slight_smile:
I prefer +R over -R anyway…