Need a little help here guys.

I have came over from the UK and have dvd’s weddings etc, they wont play here in the US.

has anyone, using dvd platinum, converted from UK to US discs and US to UK.

ANy help would be great.


Trying to convert your DVD’s from Pal to Ntsc is a major pain in the…using freeware. Most people end up buying a DVD player and TV that supports both ntsc and pal formats. One of the main problems with the conversion is the audio goes out of sync.There is another option it is not free however. IMO it was well worth the money in time and aggravation (to me). Google [U]ConvertXtoDVD[/U] Its about as close as can be to a one click conversion program. :slight_smile:

I agree with the post just try to copy the UK copy to USA one with conversion from Paul to NTSC also.

My 2 cents is to simply purchase a region free, PAL <—> NTSC compatible player.
Mack (bigmacnc) purchased one not too long ago…cheap, easy and works great. I believe this was the site, it may have been this particular player. You could do a search or pm him to be certain.

Hope this helps.

That’s the place Tom, bought the Cyberhome which was cheapest and the book states it is Region 1 but they hack them in the shop since it is illegal to sell region free players in the US. Also states it may not play burned DVDs, but have not had a problem , so use this as a test player. I also bought a Pioneer from a site you posted that does that plus has a HD up convert built in. (poor-mans to see regular DVD almost as good as HD DVDs or BlueRay) Have not had change to check it out as will have to move my LCD monitor off the wall to see the HDMI plug in so I can hook it up.

Clicking on Search or Searching on Google will not cause your computer to explode

Hmmmmm Is that kinda like dipping oreos in chocolate milk? :bigsmile:

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here ya go try this program, it will convert the formats

thanks i’ll give it a try.

ConvertXtoDVD is the best converter for what your trying to do.
Follow Link to Complete Installation and User Manual for ConvertXtoDVD
Bare in mind the trial version has a watermark embeded when you use it until you buy the full product.

VSO’s products are excellent and the customer support is the best.:clap: I own everything they make. But I have never tried to do a PAL to NTSC conversion with ConvertX. Works great for DV camcorder to DVD–I’ve converted hours of stuff.

This VSO use to be member of CDFreaks: doh: he used to get all the software information and put them in his site, look like he has his own company. : :flower:

The answer is so easy, try using Any “DVD & Clone DVD” as I do, they work a treat. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Stormwolf :iagree:

Are you saying that these products will convert PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL? That is is problem, it is not copying or removing region code.

anydvd & clonedvd will [B]NOT[/B] convert PAL to NTSC or vise versa, anydvd will however remove the region code and make it region free.

as suggested above you may be better getting a US player that plays also PAL disc’s