UK Threatened by Storm




The South of the UK is soon to be attacked by what is expected to be our worst storm for several years. Winds gusting at over 80mph and torrential rain are expected. The trees still have most of their leaves so will offer a lot of resistance to the wind - I imagine many trees will be uprooted, as they were in the Hurricane of 1987.

I live out in the countryside and expect that we will suffer a power loss and a lot of local damage.

The latest forecast says that the winds will hit us at around 22:00.

I’ve cleared our gutters out and made sure there is nothing that can blow away :slight_smile:

I’m feeling quite nervous…

Regds, JR


I can certainly feel your concern, JR. I’ve lived up as far north as you can get in Norway, and the winter storms there can be quite serious.

I’m sure you and your house will get through this in one piece. You should feel somewhat nervous, though. Otherwise you wouldn’t be healthy. I used to live in this rickety old house, but I was way more concerned than my uncle and aunt whom I was living with at the time. They did confess that they still have some concern after all these years, but they have gotten used to the storms.

I bet that this whole situation will blow over soon enough.



Hopefully you’ll all get through it in one piece without any scratches.


This storm is supposed to hit Denmark later… if something of yours is blown away by the winds tonight, we can look for it here around noon tomorrow.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2706366]This storm is supposed to hit Denmark later… if something of yours is blown away by the winds tonight, we can look for it here around noon tomorrow.[/QUOTE]

Thanks DrageMester :slight_smile:


Winds are certainly picking up here, but we’re not to get the worst of it in Scotland.
I hope it doesn’t get to bad in England.


Going by the RTÉ weather forecast, the storm is now predicted to mainly pass over the sea below England. Either way, my best advice is be prepared for the possible power cut.

Plug in your laptop, phone, etc. and leave them plugged in during the storm. This way if the power goes out, they will be fully charged from the start of the power failure.

If the power goes out for a long period, e.g. still out before going to bed, switch off your phone (and tablet.) That way they don’t waste battery power overnight.

If you have a UPS, shutdown your computer as soon as the power goes out. The UPS will come in handy for powering your router if you’d like to get online during a power cut - Just use your laptop (or tablet, etc.) instead of the desktop. On most UPSs, you can turn off the beep by briefly pressing the power button. The router uses such little power that it’ll run for several hours, at least based on my UPS during a previous power cut.

Hopefully nothing gets damaged your way and that the lights stay on.


That’s very useful advice Sean - I do have a UPS but I’ve never thought about using it to power my router.

I like the idea of the storm staying out over the sea :slight_smile:

Cheers, JR


[QUOTE=JReynolds;2706385]I like the idea of the storm staying out over the sea :)[/QUOTE]

Me too…but I’m expecting some nasty weather here in Belgium…:eek:


I hope you all stay safe and dry.


NFL game over there will be affected


We’re over in London ATM and there’s very considerable disruption with 50 trees removed from railway lines already. I hope all this gets sorted out by tomorrow or it will be a nightmare getting home.



The storm passed overhead during the night. Everything is still here :slight_smile: and no damage to property. The news is telling me that there are lots of trees down locally and that it was much worse along the south coast (winds of 99mph recorded at the Needles, Isle of Wight).

I’m relieved.

Regds, JR


p.s. The villages to either side of us are without power but we are OK - yay, got lucky for a change

Regds, JR


That’s great news JR hope no one here at myce got hit bad.


Glad to hear nothing got damaged in your area JR. :slight_smile:

Hopefully JW (DoMi) will be alright, as it’s heading to Holland. :eek:


Our house roof has had a couple of tiles damaged and water was pouring down the front bedroom ceiling light fitting and wetting the area around the rose.
More expense, but the cost of having a couple of tiles replaced is less than the excess on the house insurance.
The hard part is getting hold of the right slates. :eek:
I’m surprised it didn’t blow the safety trip! I’ve tested it this morning and it’s all working fine. I did isolate the upstairs lighting circuit when I discovered it.


Although the storm would have been high windspeed even here in the Texas panhandle . Since we normally have fairly medium to high windspeed year round. I think the trees here grow deeper root to counter that. We still get some trees blown down but not nearly as many as other places.

vox definately a roof leak when you get water coming out of a light fixture.
Always a good idea to shut off that circuit. Even a good idea to run an extension cord from another circuit & dry the fixture a bit with a hair dryer.


I’m having a new bathroom these days, therefore I’ve got a mobile toilet wagon installed.
I just went out there and it kinda felt like a take off. :bigsmile:


The storm has claimed 4 people in the UK, but I guess it could have been a lot worse.
We never really got much of it up here in the north, some rain and it was windy, but certainly no storm force winds.

From what I can gather, the storm has now passed over the UK, and by the sounds of it, its now raging over Scandinavia and the Netherlands.