UK Taiyo Yuden

Hi guys.
Sorry if this has already been posted (I couldn’t see it anywhere).
Good news for UK buyers. SVP have now introduced 16x Taiyo Yudens, although they are a little expensive. Even better news for people (like me) who don’t mind waiting a bit longer for burning, as a result they have dropped the price of 8x disks.
I have just taken delivery of my 8x -R printables, they are definately originals and my results from the first couple of burns? They are the dogs you know whats! :clap:
Here’s hoping the UK demand increases and prices decrease so I can afford these disks every time :slight_smile:

That’s great news, but as a SVP customer I have to give a warning to Belgian potential SVP buyers:

SVP relies on the DPD courier for delivery in Belgium.

This transporter seems to be among the less careful existing here. Each of the 4 100-discs spindle I bought from SVP, in 3 consecutive orders, arrived broken with damaged medias, the last one being a 100-discs spindle of TYG02 :a .

SVP’s customer service (very friendly and professional BTW) handled these problems nicely, but after 2 RMA’s I got fed up and decided not to buy any 100-discs spindle from SVP anymore.

50-discs and 25-discs spindles being more resistant (better weight/resistance ratio) I had no problem with these as yet.

Just wanted to let you know: unless SVP chooses another courier, ordering 100-discs spindles from them, for delivery in Belgium, seems risky. :frowning:

Thats a real shame, the UK delivery is excellent. They quote 5 days but usually arrive in 2 and I’ve never had any damage from approx 20 deliveries over the past two years.

Yes, but UK, unlike Belgium, is a civilized country LOL :wink:

Has ordered from SVP twice now and shippping to Denmark was also handled by DPD. No problems, all though SVP forgot some ink, but send it right away when informed it were missing.

SVP has my recommendations and the price on TY is fair, so i guess buying anything else seems a but foolish :>

Yup, the price on TY in the UK is actually getting close to what we pay here for 8x TY in the US.

“shippping to Denmark was also handled by DPD. No problems”

Denmark, another civilized country :slight_smile:

UK prices are definately falling Jesterrace, but at £35 (approx $60) per 100 we still have a way to go before we reach the $40 you guys can get them for.

If you want some good Taiyo Yuden discs that can be burnt at 12x on a BenQ 1620 get Maxell 1-4x +R 120 Min discs 5 pieces in jewel cases. They come in a gold and blue box and are only 3.98 for 5 which is a bit steep but they are great quality discs, you can get them at PC world, i have burnt these 4x rated discs at 12x and still had excellent results with my BenQ 1620.

Oh and the mid code for these discs is Yuden000 T01

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info

Disc Type: : DVD+R
MID : YUDEN000 T01 (001)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X - 4 X - 8 X - 12 X
Extended Information
Layers : 1

What about that europe TY link posted some weeks back? I cannot remember it, but if anyone has it - how does that price with shipping compare to the UK?

Still not the £0.30 Fuji deal we had :slight_smile:

3.98 for 5 is about twice the price of the unbranded TY at SPV! Icey - I have looked at several places from central Europe, the disks are slightly cheaper but by the time you’ve added P&P its about the same, so I stick with the quicker delivery and supplier I know I can trust.
I even looked into getting them shipped from the US, but unless I buy in bulk (approx 1000) there is no saving with customs charge added.

Excellent news. SVP is my favourite online store for blank media; far more trustworthy than bigpockets.