UK - Staples Verbatim CDR deal

Bought some CDRs in Staples today - Verbatim 25 packs, £3.49 each.

I bought one cakebox of MBI, one cakebox of MIC CMC. Not bad for “everyday use” :slight_smile:

Edit: on a related note, not one single spindle of TY Verbie CDRs left in either Staples, PCW, or Curry’s (all Ashton, Bristol). Zebadee, have you cleared them out? :a :stuck_out_tongue:

He wouldn’t do that would he :doh: :bigsmile:

He would, just to wind me up :doh: :sad:


BTW, I forgot to make note of what they cost originally :doh:

Deals were pretty thin on the ground in all three stores today, shelves were quite bare, looks like they were waiting for a stocktake.

I’ve been burning more CD’s than DVD’s lately. I going to burn a couple DVD’s today though.

Ah. I pounced on them because I needed more for everyday use.

Was supposed to get some TY Verbie CDRs that my mum owes me, but alas the cupboard was bare :wink:

yeah you do seem to burn a lot of CD’s for your mum. Your a good daughter.

Not good enough for her to buy me a 500 gig Maxtor HDD I was eyeing up though :wink:

“Maxtor” the Spanish term for “Where’s my data gone?”

Are the Deathstars not the [I]to-be-bashed drive du jour[/I] anymore?

LOL! :bigsmile:

I’ve actually had good luck with Maxtors (in fact, I only had one drive develop bad sectors, and that was a Seagate OEM drive).

I have used nothing but Seagate for a long time now, so it’s not a surprise that I also had an old Seagate OEM (13 GB) go bad a few months ago.
I wonder whether Hitachi have improved? Their past was not as gloryful…

The one I have (250 gig) seems good so far (9 months), but a bit noisy. Mind you, as long as my data’s safe :wink:

As for Maxtor, still have a 6 year old 20 gig that I pull out in emergencies. Saved my butt a couple of times. :iagree:

6 posts on-topic and 6 posts off-topic, so this will be the deciding post… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they’re reliable now; I just replaced my 80 GB Hitachi laptop drive with a 160 GB Hitachi laptop drive, and I don’t want any nasty surprises.

OK - off-topic is in the lead. :bigsmile:

EDIT: The drive I replaced is still working fine - I just wanted something bigger and faster.

It was my fault for mentioning a Maxtor drive :sad: - but hey, it was reduced to £89, so it was a deal of sorts :wink: