UK Site to offer legal film downloads from 99p

I just posted the article UK Site to offer legal film downloads from 99p.

Wippit the online music service has announced that
it will start selling legal film downloads from this summer onwards for as
little as 99p. The movies will not have any time limit…

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The chances of a decent & cheap service like this happening in the UK is practically ZERO. Just you wait: it will soon cost three times as much, and you will have thirty seconds to watch the entire film - once the movie studios get involved. We are always ripped off in this country! Nice dream though…:frowning:

I have to agree with jsteele on this. In the UK the phrase “Value For Money” does not exist. If movies do come online, they will be old ones and with current taxation would mean they would be making a loss just to send it down the wire to our PC’s (unless there based in Jersey, like You can buy the VHS tape of Spiderman for 99p in the shops, but the watch-once downloadable version will cost us about £3.00 :frowning:

Thats because you are over populated with illegal immigrants claiming welfare. You pay high taxes to support them!

Ahhh, but imagine a DVD quality £2-3 download, it’d be the entire film with a DD 5.1 audio track and you simply burn it to DVD and watch it as much as you like, no DRM…maybe I’m just a dreamer of beautiful dreams! A system like this could be practical as a method of delivery once a film reaches a certain age and there’s little or no money to be made from it. The reason there’s no “VFM” in the UK is because we’re all busy paying our taxes to keep “two Jags” in two Jags!

they pay high taxes to support their royal butts idiots :d

The Royal Family generate more money from tourism than the money spent by the tax payers keeping them. It’s the main reason people visit the UK - without them, tourism would be severely reduced thus it is my opinion that they are worthwhile. As for the comment from FreqNasty about illegal immigrants, I like to think that people would be more concerned over the welfare of fellow human beings than the price of downloading a film - something that isn’t exactly a human need.