UK sees first settlements made with BPI for illegal file sharing



I just posted the article UK sees first settlements made with BPI for illegal file sharing.

  Last  October, the British  Phonographic Industry (BPI) filed 26 lawsuits against those sharing copyright  infringing music               over file sharing networks.  Now the BPI has...
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4500 british pound is pretty good…it will set you back, unlike teh R*AA that sends you to the poor house with a 200 thousand dollar bill


yeah the price is a lot better then the RIAA, but still you have to deal wiht the embarassment that you were actually caught downloading thie tripe that they call music, these days. Give me the days when people had talent, when people cared about their music. Oh wait, that is the indie scene, where they actually WANT you to download their music. Go figure.


The only music I download no is stuff I actually bought when I was younger, stuff on vinyl that is so scratched, or broken, or lost, or stolen. I paid good money for it all those years ago and I am fully entitled to replace it if I so wish. Apart from U2, there’s not another artist on the scene today whose music I’d shell out for.


I allready posted this in a thread here but anyway. 9000/4500=.5, so thats 50p per song. If they uploaded each song around 10 times again then thats 5p per song. If online the cheapest you could but it legaly is 69p, and they paid 5p, it sounds fine. If you where only counting the music they downloaded themselves they they are about right. Ben :slight_smile:


you get less for burglary here


yeah true maybe we should all go round and burgle eachother for the original music cd instead LOL like you gonna find many dont think so but why not use the privacy policies in forums instead and make requests for mp3 music on disk to be sent in the good old post that would f**k the bpi up cos no one would really know what was being passed around :X


Excellent, another reason why I purchase my new music from reputable secondhand dealers, to avoid paying these vampires any further royalties! :X


I don’t use any of the above mentioned technologies so try and catch me BPI I dare yah! Long live P2P!