UK Satellite provider unveils its HDTV channel line-up for 2006

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 While some  cable and satellite TV services already offer HD channels in the US, Japan,  Canada, Australia and South Korea, so far there are no HDTV services of any  sort in the UK, despite...
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Finally it’s good to see that the big players in europe now start with mpeg4 for HDTV…

we dont want sky hd, we wants free to air channels that are on freeview in hdtv, sky is too expensive.

would not waste my money on HDTV we have done with the good old normal TV picture and sound for years and just a clearer picture and better sound is not going to make me start paying monthly subscription fees. some people don’t even have a TV at all so I say be grateful with what you got already.

HDTV as FTA/Freeview. That’s wishful thinking, honestly.

Hmm… Only SkyOne, SkySports and Movie Channels… So to get full HDTV functions from day one you have to pay the £42 a month for the full package?? I dont have Sky and have lived fine without it, and hearing that skyone will get HDTV doesnt bother me yet. I’m not going to rush out just yet

if only everyone had the same spirit regarding the price concerning ripppp offff sky i left sky when the monthly subscription went to £17.50 per month and told them way back then they were robbing b*****ds if only we all stood together but the way the government as split this country in to 3 classes of people scum middle class and them at the top well icant see anything happening tooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooon britain is now FUBAR :frowning:
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If they’d bump up their bitrates, there would probably be no need for HD TV!?

^^^^^^ obviously you have not seen hdtv its not the bitrate its the resolution.

Obvously you haven’nt seen PAL (!) But really, unless you have a massive LCD TV then it won’t be a terrific leap from 576 to 720 (and then some…) And all so we have to buy not one piece of equipment like the oh-so-brilliant DVD…no, it’ll mean trips to Dixons, which are harrowing enough, to try and find out which one of “~HD Ready”. Can you imagine the assistants grappling with that?! Seriously though, if it means we have even less reason to use Blu-Ray players then I’m fine with that! People don’t even have whizz-bang sound setups (which can add immesaurably to the experience) so to expect penetration of HD just because it’s better is a litle hopefull

HDTV as FTA/Freeview maybe wishful thinking, but it be the only way it’ll ever take off properly, I’d never pay for HDTV, why pay more to see the same crap in High Definition, who in their right mind is gonna buy all the kit to watch rubbish in HD? Personally I reckon here in the UK, unless the price is VERY low (i.e. £1 extra a month) to have HDTV broadcasts it’ll not take off. Most folks simply ain’t into the technology enough to lash out the thousands required to upgrade hardware and then pay a monthly subscription for the privilege! As for 10 million by 2010 Sky…dream on!

You guys dont seem to know what you are talking about. HDTV is amazing, once you watch it you will have no idea how you put up with sdtv so long. Especially on newer LCD, DLP and plasma TV’s which really show up the poor quality of current broadcasts. Well done to sky for launching HD so early, especially with the MPEG4 compression and PVR functionality. Personally I cant wait. The reason HDTV is not on freeview is the spectrum is still being used for analogue until the they finally switch it off in 2010.

Isn’t HD also available in Mexico? I saw at least one South Korean company (perhaps it was dvico) including Mexico for their products.