UK reseller unveils Video/MP3/slide-show 40GB hand-held

I just posted the article UK reseller unveils Video/MP3/slide-show 40GB hand-held.

 AUK portable  player supplier Peripheral Corner has launched a portable video player -  PV-330.  This player  features a 40GB hard drive with USB 2.0 and functions as a mass storage device ...
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Skip this!No Deal! This “Baby” is 700 Dollars U.S. (not including Shipping)No Bargain Usually Our U.K. Friends find ‘Deals’ that would only sound good to people living in the U.K. But because of their Extremely ridiculous And Super high “VAT” and Strange products made in-house (Funny because of how “Cool” i hear the Phillips DVP-642 is and how Cheap it is U.S.)

This player is not far off the price of a 40GB UK iPod, so it may still stract some consumers from chosing a 40GB iPod instead. It is still interesting to see how well iPod’s are selling despite the lack of features and bloated price compared with competitor’s products. Seems like style alone is the #1 selling point :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Thomson player. Only 20GB but works a treat.