UK Release date of BenQ 1640?



Anyone know the release date for the 1640 in the UK?
Just debating getting it shipped from Germany but as that will come to about £70 compared with getting it in the UK when it first comes out ~£45 (inc. delivery) was wondering if anyone knew if it was about to hit the shops?


Well i couldn’t wait any longer! Decided to bite the bullet and just buy one from Germany, considering i’ve been awaiting for the right drive to come out for the last 6 months and that its probably going to take 2+ months to hit the UK . . .
. . . so you all watch i expect to see it in the shops tomorrow!

Now to get some +R DL to play with :stuck_out_tongue: watch this space for a load of scans . . .


Which site did you but it from ?

I want to get one too but I’m going to Msia in the summer and it’s dead cheap over there so might get one there. :smiley:


Here is a German link:


Bought it from the first one i came to which actually has an English version of there website:

May not be the cheapest but they do speak English which could be handy if theres a prolem. Mine was also cheaper than above just under €70 but remember p&p at a bit over €20 isnt cheap but is always going to be near that shipping from Germany . . .