UK Printer for Printables

Does anyone have any recommendations for CD/DVD printers?

SVP has an Epson R220 for not much money at all (£65). Thing is, I would like one with a scanner as I don’t have room for seperates. Preferably with a film/transparency adapter.

I’d prefer to have one that has cheaper cartridges than my existing printer. Currently I’ve got a Lexmark X1150 All In One. You can’t get compatibles for that as each cartridge has a fresh printhead integrated. Works out at around £15 for each cartridge. It has two cartridges, one B&W, one colour. So £30 quid a pop, and only 1 colour has to run out before the colour cartridge is knackered.

I’ve wanted to upgrade for a while. I heard some companies don’t make them. Pressure from the RIAA I suppose.

So, anyone help?

Btw, sorry if this isn’t the best place to post but I could see anywhere more appropriate. :confused:

Hi :slight_smile:
I don’t know if the situation has changed but I was looking for this very thing. Unfortunately I was told there wasn’t any all-in-one that would print direct to cd/dvds’. So you’d need a printer + scanner at the very least.

Gah :doh: , I had a feeling this was the case. Well I’ll just have to get a standalone scanner (apparently much better) and keep it in a cupboard. Don’t use it that often anyway.

So does the Epson R220 stand up well to other printers regarding price, ink cost and disc printing quality? I’d still like a recommendation if anyone has one.


I use an Epson photo stylus R200 dose the job for me!

And fact is a scanner is not very expensive, it depends on what you’d like, so this would be a good solution the r220 and a cheap for example canon scanner.
I myself have a R300 and i’m very happy with it, the inks from a 3rd party are about 24 eur. 10 cartridges pack.

I have looked at the R220 and see no difference from the R200, my printer. The print quality is good and compats are dirt cheap, and mine has run on compats since the originals ran out. The only downside of compats is that you don’t get the water resistance and 80year fade resistance that comes with originals, though I doubt that is going to bother anyone much. After that print quality depends on the settings and that is upto you, I have never had to use photo settings to get a good quality print.

Yea, given the popularity of the R-series of Epsons, there is a large selection of 3rd part inks and cis’s.

I pay only £10 for a full set, rrp £47.99

Canon has at least one or 2 All-in-one models that print to discs. In any case, if you want cheap to operate, get a Canon. I can’t say for sure if they are available in the UK, but the printers are.

Well, I haven’t had any luck finding one in the UK.

Anyway, I might just get one of those Epsons. :smiley:

Canon mulifunction, UK model

Hi :slight_smile:
If this is a link it doesn’t appear to work.

Canon Pixma MP780

I was mistaken obviously. Although at Dabs it isn’t in the specs as a CD printer. It is mentioned in one of the customer reviews though.

Bit expensive though. I’ve got no need for all the ‘Pictbridge’ stuff and fax machine guff. And it looks like it doesnt have a film adapter either.

I’m actually getting sold on the idea of seperates now…


Ah, I missed your post. That’s the next one up. Looks good actually. Very big. But it’s got the film adapter as well. Perfect.

Quite expensive but it is neat.


Canon also makes a film adapter to fit most flatbeds, should be available as an accessory.

There’s a lot to be said for separate components, that’s always been my approach, because I don’t like being tied to one piece of hardware that does 10 things I don’t need and not the one thing I do need.