UK pressuring Google to do more about online piracy

UK pressuring Google to do more about online piracy.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The UK secretary of state for culture, Jeremy Hunt, is reportedly going to push Google to start doing something about online piracy this week. A speech by Hunt is expected on Wednesday, September 14 which will press on Google to block copyright infringing websites.

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I though that the UK Labor party was fascist enough but this lot is just as bad…

Are they expecting Google to try and identify pirated items and block them from search results or what?

In a country that doesn’t even censor nudity (much), the copyright industry seems to have corrupted many a politican abroad… I think we’ve had this “discussion” in the USA courts… GOOGLE IS NOT THE INTERNET… neither is a single protocol in and of itself-- all of the data are packets.

I dunno, some UK drama shows are funny… I wouldn’t mind an episode of Shameless or Doctor Who involve the riots about the widening gap between the rich and poor. Who wouldn’t want to buy a Tardis for a $1

Roll on The Pirate Search via proxies.