UK - Possible BenQ 1640's @ bigpockets

If anyone’s after one of these, bigpockets have ‘tested pulls’ of philips 8701. You get 6 month warranty and they are £9.99.

Might be worth a go at that price, pity the cheapest shipping is £5.75

Might be woth looking in the free delivery section, there’s some Epson carts in there

Sold Out. That was fast.:iagree:

there was only 1 left when i looked at it

i brought 5 of them :o some ink for my printer and some cheapo tyg02’s to see what they was like :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks like BenQ fever has spread to these shores as well :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Is this a BenQ?
If the illustration is accurate, then it’s a Lite-On.

well end of the day tenner each and if they turn out not to be benq then ive not lost too much and can sell them on anyways :slight_smile:

Dunno about the illustration, but I thought the 8701s were rebadged 1640s…but then I’m not BenQ expert so I could be completely wrong :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
Technically the 8701 was a Philips drive that can be crossflashed to BenQ.
But there has been some misconstruing of model #'s of late. :doh:
Whether intentional (clear out old Lite-On clones) or just geniune error is unclear. :confused:
Anyway the channelling & air vent should be a giveaway. :iagree:

Ah, I see. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good on you if you get one! I didn’t bother but thought some of you lot would!

So were they 1640’s then?

I got 2 new drives from SVP in their £9.99 each lucky dip for DVD drives, I got my Optiarc and the Pio 112D, the only so called draw back was that they were silver, not a big deal in my book, but I dont have a BenQ drive and would like to get hold of one, this would have been just right :frowning:

i got my 1650 (crossflashed) from SVP when they had the philips drives for £19.99, still a good deal IMO :iagree: