UK police raid stops vouchers

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Following many unsuccessful attempts by the music industry to bring down the Russian music website, the music industry started going after its payment partners to make it difficult for…

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God save the Queen / Her fascist regime…
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try using pre-paid visa cards!

This planet is going to crap, soon they will jail the entire world. We will have nothing and have to go back to the pioneer days of living with the rate we are going. If people want to fix this they have to stop buying audio and video and must stop illegal downloading as well until the industry realize that consumers are pissed off.

All this and in the meantime Oily Al , is seeking to create a new felony law called “Attempting to Breach Copyright” with jail terms from 1 to 20 years(no more fair use or license to sell your copyright material secondhand will it be the ultimately be the goal?)! In the UK 70 brain deceased parliamentary members have signed a petition to create the first steps towards time unlimited copyright at the insistence of BPI(mostly a PR hack for EMI) Ah , how willing our ever greedy and obsequient politicians have become to lead us on into the perpetual slavery of the time unlimited copyright and to take us back to the age of serfdom and slavery to the almighty media corporations! An interesting thought , with the majority of the worlds media corporations up to their eyeballs in debt , and the only salvation their tiny minds can grasp is the endless conveyor belt of income derived from copyright held in perpituity! Question , what will become of them in a global economic melt down 1929 style due within less than a decade? What the future holds , is anyone’s guess , but to travel down this path means the age of enlightenment and innovation is drawing to a rapid close , thus heralding the return of slavery and serfdom to the almighty god called copyright! What price freedom? :c

I they wanted to stick it to the music industry really good, they could make the site for free (at least temporarily). See how the Industry likes it. LOL.