UK pirated busted, now faces up to ten years in jail due new law

I just posted the article UK pirated busted, now faces up to ten years in jail due new law.

MI2N reports that The first raids on a suspected music counterfeiter since the UK maximum jail term for copyright infringement was raised to ten years, have taken place in the North East of…

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“following weeks of surveillance activity by the MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit” whoa, always good to know what your money is being used for… :r

it’s interesting how many experts claim you can’t stop every act of terrorism because it is to hard to detect. yet when it comes to making dinky copies of music cd’s they give you a sentence equal to a murderer.btw see all those wonderful “acts” passed that’s yur local version of the riaa at work. boy! do they got there priorities straight.:frowning:

btw: did you also notice the casual acceptence of the word “pirate”.what’s next? p2p fans are “intellectual property assassins”.:c

This is pure bull****, it’s worse sentance than a car thief or murderer ect. :frowning: get a life MCPS Anti-Piracy Unit. What about the Drug Dealers, they only get a few years in prison, plus they are killing vunerable peeps. So they can give a 10year sentance for having warez would have every inmate in prison laughing for a very petty crime, they would propably get the warden too release you right away :d Greetz The Diplomat :8 The government is FUCKED Up,their Priority does’n exsist! I will write to the Goverment about this :slight_smile:

If your stupid enough to sell pirated CD’s and get caught i say suck shit!

10 years in prison!!! That is way too much time!!! The pirate should only get a week in prison and have to pay a huge fine!!! If he did not sell the pirated music, he should have been left alone and had no punishment. I know harsh punishments are made to scare people out of doing the crime, but it still doesn’t make it right to give a punishment that’s way more harsh than what fits the crime.