UK Peep Show 3 DVD (Channel 4 Comedy) - Help!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a legitimate enquiry… no piracy is intended or sought.

Dear All,

I am in the UK.

I recently purchased the newly released (Nov 6th 2006) DVD of “Peep Show Series 3”. I hasten to add that this is NOT an adult DVD, rather it is a comedy on the UK’s Channel 4.

I own the previous two series (1 + 2) of “Peep Show” on DVD and very funny they are too. I am, you could say, a fan.

Now the problem is, that the new “Peep Show Series 3” DVD will not play on my Computer.

I am running Windows XP (plus Service Pack 2). My system is regularly updated online and virus/ad-ware/spy-ware checked.
I have a Sony CRX320E DVD/CD-R drive in the computer and I use PowerDVD (ver. to watch my DVD movies. I also have windows Media Player 10.
All my DVDs are Region 2 and my DVD drive Hardware is thus set to R2.

The “Peep Show 3” DVD however does not play.

Apparently this is because this DVD disc has ‘RipGuard’ on it.

The DVD definately works in a ‘normal’ TV-DVD-player: I know for sure because I had it tested in the shop (HMV), after returning x3 (Three!) “Peep Show 3” DVD discs because none of them would work. Finally a shop manager came to the rescue to say that all “Peep Show 3” DVD’s had this ‘RipGuard’ on them, to stop people viewing the DVDs on Computers and PlayStation 2’s in a bid to crack down on piracy.
So I had my third ‘exchanged’ “Peep Show 3” DVD checked in the shop on their in-shop system and it worked fine.

Upon taking it home, once again the RipGuard kicked in and it will not play on my computer.

This is extremely frustrating because I am a student and as such, do not own a TV or external TV-DVD-player. I watch ALL my DVD collection on my Computer.

So I’ve read up online about RipGuard and two ideas seem apparent.

  1. Use ‘AnyDVD’ to view the “Peep Shpow 3” DVD disc.
  2. Use DVDFabDecrypter to rip the DVD and view it from the Harddisk.

As you can see, I am willing to use these products just so that I can view my own legitimately-bought DVD!

However -

  1. AnyDVD does nothing (I used version It will not get past RipGuard. I checked that AnyDVD was working correctly, by using a Region 1 DVD in my Region 2-set Hardware DVD drive and AnyDVD is working correctly. But it clearly can not, however, handle “Peep Show 3”.

  2. DVDFabDecrypter (I used Version did indeed rip the DVD. BUT upon starting the rip process, it immeadiately runs into an ‘error’ message along the lines of not being able to read the beginning of the disk. As stated already, this is completely false because this very “Peep Show 3” disc DOES work in a TV-DVD-player and thus I can conclude that the error message is the RipGuard kicking in.
    However, DVDFabDecryptor does give the option to ‘ignore’ and continue on. This I did. BUT the rip (which does prove that the “Peep Show 3” DVD disc is in ‘working order’) is all fuzzy… it is corrupted and when you see the Peep Show episodes they are:
    a) not viewable because they skip, pause, and are all broken up, etc, with little blocks appearing everywhere, etc, and
    b) the soundtrack jumps all over like the picture.
    In other words - it seems DVDFabDecryptor can not get past the RipGuard either. It seems the error message is linked to the resulting corrupted rip, but it seems to me that this is because of RipGuard.

So in conclusion people - does anyone know how I can get to view my own DVD on my own computer?

Does anyone else have experience of successfully watching their “Peep Show 3”, Region 2, DVD on a computer, not a regular tv-dvd-player?

You may also be interested to note that other people have this problem too: Read the top few reviews on ~

So - Any help, suggestions and preferably solutions are greatfully received!

I can provide screenshots of the corrupted rip, etc.

John P