UK PCWorld - Panasonic DVD-Rs - TY?

Getting DVD-R blindness i think at the mo . . .

can anyone explain if these are any good (TY) and if so
exactly which ones are TY not just all

thanks very much chaps


Chaps? :wink:

Hehe…have a look in this thread…the answer should be in there somewhere! :slight_smile:

They’re genuine.

And also available in Currys.

Make sure that the spindle / box states Made In Japan. Otherwise you will get some other MID (not sure which). I know the spindles of panasonic in my local curry’s are Made In Taiwan! But the Jewell cased ones are MIJ!

Panasonic 16x +R are MIT RICOHJPN R03 but as far as I am aware all Panny 16x -R is Taiyo Yuden - whether in jewel cases or not.

Still look for the made in japan logo though, just incase.

Some pcworld stores are selling TY+R Verbatim media in 50 packs. These are packaged in TY style spindle boxes and say made in japan on the side.

That’s weird. :confused:

The Pana 16x -Rs in spindles definitely say “Made in Japan” in big writing at my local Currys.

Whether you find + or -R MIJ Pannys (and whether they’re in a cakebox or jewel cases) can vary depending on which PCW you visit. I found this out in the thread I linked to.

For instance, when I looked in mine the other day, the only 100 spindle or -Rs was MIT, a few of the 25 spindles of -R was MIJ, and the jewel cased ones were MIJ. Others’ experiences will vary.

Seems it’s pot luck with PCW, LOL :slight_smile:

I thought that all Panasonic -R was Taiyo Yuden - both 8x and 16x. If they are selling -R that is MIT I wonder who makes it? Surely not Ritek? :Z

Edit: couldn’t resist having a look, according to videohelp they’re RICOH coded…if MIT.

It’s the +R that could be RICOHJPN R03 if MIT.

Videohelp shows +R that is MIT but all -R is MIJ according to them.

I suppose any MIT 16x -R might be RITEKF1.

Thanks for that, nice and clear :slight_smile:

Just bought some today , they were Panasonic 16 dvd-r Spindle of 100



Enjoy :bigsmile:

Spindle of 100?
That’s cakebox or gray bottom cakebox? :slight_smile:

IIRC, grey bottom cakebox for MIT (and the MIJ ones I saw in 100s were That’s cakeboxes) :wink:


sussed it from your good pointers

dvd-r is ty003 in dvdinfopro

Q) 16X on a Benq 1640 - BSLB - is it best at 12x for better quality burn ?

seems a good balance to me

any feedback ?

Yep, I’d go for 12x with that TYG03 :iagree:

You’ll love this - just tried qsuite 2.1 scan - first time ever

scanned at 16x even though i burned at 12x

ticked both TE & FE

“recommended not to burn at this speed”

or similar

methinks i’ll try at 16x

Wow, I’m surprised :eek:…mind you, I can’t say I ever used QScan…I just bit the bullet and burned at 12x :bigsmile: