UK passes law that obliges ISP to monitor customers

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veganinja used our newssubmit to tell us that the United Kingdom has passed a law, that obligates Communication Service Providers to install equipment that makes it possible to monitor the…

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"Of course the monitorring will only be done on people that are suspect to a crime and will not be used on ‘normal’ customers. " This sounds like it could be a very controversial thing. I understand the UK law to be that “A person is innocent until proven guilty” Who or how will the authorities decide who to monitor? Lets face it, most of us are probably guilty of something, however trivial.

Being from the UK, I hope I can explain a little more: Under British law, a search / snoop of any kind must be authorised, by a magistrate / judge (or sometimes high ranking police officer). There must already be good evidence that a crime is being committed before this authorisation is given. If this is not so (and this is the truly weird bit) then once the case gets to court, EVEN if the person is a serial murderer, the evidence collected in this way will be rendered null and void by the judge. You got it: in theory if someone taped themselves shooting dead innocent civilans, put the tapes online privately, and destroyed all other evidence then he would get away with it. (perhaps a little extreme an example. The Prime Minsiter would authorise something in this case :slight_smile: ).