UK Pal Liteon 5005 - Not a true Widescreen player or recorder?

The full thread of my problem/research can be found here (with pictures);act=ST;f=3;t=817;st=0

But to sum up,

When I record widescreen output from my Freeview box via scart to the 5005, all the record options fill the screen but when I hit record it squashes the input into a 4:3 aspect ratio. The disk plays back in this ration to, on the 5005 and all other players.

Also I just did a test with the widescreen original version of Minority Report.

I’ve got two scart conections on the back of my TV, both set up the same to receive s-Video over scart.
I plug my Sony DVD player into one of them
I plug the 5005 into the other.

I set the 5005 up as follows:
System / Video output = scart -> s-video
System / TV Type = PAL
Playback / Aspect Ratio = 16:9 Wide

I play the DVD on the sony. Comes up full screen and plays as expected.

I play the same DVD on the 5005. It comes up right aspect ration but letter boxed on a 4:3 area of the screen centered on my widescreen TV.

I swapped the scart to s-video leads between the two just to check and the test gave the same results.

This must mean, my 5005 at least, doesn’t output a true widescreen signal as far as I can see it. I’m really beginning to believe the 5005 does not ‘see’ true widescreen inputs or play them - its as though both are fixed at 4:3

Any ideas any one?

And yes flicking around with my TVs settings I can get the image to fill the screen at playback time but I think this is besides the point - its maker the picture bigger but just by expanding the data that is there. If it were a true widescreen recording there would be more data in the first place. The equivalent with computer monitors/graphics would be to take a 1024 x 768 image and record it 800 x 600 and then get the playback device to play it back at 1024 x 768 - obviously you wouldn’t get the same image as data would have been lost (and thats before you have chosen any quality levels for the compression)

Does any one have any support email addresses I could try using?


I had an interesting attempt at a similar thing but found that if the output was in RGB the TV would be in 4:3 but when the output was s-video the TV would auto change to widescreen format.

this I thought was odd ( the version used was a 5005B connected via scarts to AV2 on the telly )