UK optical media suppliers and couriers

All i find is wait 7am to 7pm or one that is 7am to 12pm and 12pm to 7pm. Neither is ideal or of use to me. As cannot rely on neighbours to take delivery and check for damge of parcel contents. If any damage found then refuse the parcel as damged etc.

So does anyone know of which blank optical media supplier in the uk. Uses a courier that can deliver next day or day after. Delivery can be pre arranged for two hour time slot and has high percentage rate of keeping to it ?

And doesn’t have some stupid inflated high cost for this type of delivery as it is nothing unusual now for delivery companies. Just cannot find optical media suppliers that have this as an option. Even better if supplier has free delivery for order spend taht are over £50 or £100 like what other suppliers (for other goods) in the uk do.


shop locally. You may also ask a local computer store if they can order the stuff you want for you.