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Any more recommendations on where to get cheap dvd media?

remember that with dvd media, you must buy good quality media [as well as finding it cheap], unlike with cdrs where you could get away with buying cheap price low quality media.

Sony DWU-10A

I may be wrong on this but on the right hand side it says ‘Buy both’ on this and 25 Mirror DVD-R for the same price? I am unclear on it.

Overprinted ritek g04 £23.90 for 25 discs

NEC ND1300 dual format 4x rewriter OEM £109.99

WHOA! Forget the one above. have the NEC ND-1300 for £89.98! for general harware,

or for the best quality service in the world. (Courier couldn’t make it s the store anager drove it to my mobo to my door! on the same day too!) are now doing the Pioneer 106 OEM for £99.99 inclusive of VAT.

Originally posted by Oddball
[B]blankdiscshop has the Pioneer 106 for £128.99 [/B] was selling it for £95 as are .
They’re both Glasgow based. are now selling the Pioneer 106 for £83.48 and the NEC ND-1300 for £82.99 respectively.

For comparisons try Could also try Kelkoo but I’ve found dealtime better.
Has links to all the removable media sites mentioned (blankdiscshop, ukdvdr,,etc)
(Also, totally non CD/DVD related, but also great for all consumer goods!)

Err. gives everything in dollars and US websites? WTF is up with that?

Weird - I got the same

After Disconnecting and reconnecting it worked, alternatively try searching on Google for ‘Sony DVD REcorder’- just now it was first sponsored link.

Well worth trying - Good Luck

so far have proved to be very good.

I’ve used for dvd+r, they use citylink for deliverys who will deliver twice to your adress if you’re not in.

I just bought a load of ‘B Grade’ DVD-R media from Was a bit worried but the disks are perfect - 100 discs - no coasters. Datawrite red top - £26.00 per 100 !!. Carriage was a bit expensive but phoned them up and they reduced the cost - said theyll be updating the website in a couple of days!:slight_smile:

blankdiscshop are offering25 packs of Ritek G04 dye DVD-R’s for 14.99 with only 99p delivery this weekend.

Try this site not just CDs & DVDs, also USB storage, memory cards etc

Having bought my nec 1300A drive less than a month ago i’m starting to feel VERY sick…

Can’t beat quality, how about this - Memorex 4x DVD+R 25 pack for only £22.25 @

89 pence each!