UK ONLY! BARGAINS THREAD. Post your UK only Bargains in HERE!

i see a lot of bargains from USA stores and sites
well this is a exclusive UK ONLY BARGAIN SECTION.

please guys let it develope us UKERZ want deals to hehe .

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Originally posted by ViRuS2k

i see a lot of bargains from USA stores and sites
well this is a exclusive UK ONLY BARGAIN SECTION.

Yes. This is going to be a really tough match. What do you start with ?

The “Deal for Today” section of has some good bargains.

Ive always found Overclockers UK quite good, and they always have This Week Only deal that runs from Thursday to Thursday (usually get some good bargains in there)

Also has some bargains on their today only page.


thx guys :slight_smile:

everything so far said i have already had,

im shure soon i will be able to find a good place for us ukerz :smiley:

or good hardware sales. is probably one of the cheaper places (far cheaper than overclockers normally)
And strangly and I hate to say it will be the cheapest for things like printers. due to thier price promise. Often low Web price and if couple with free delivery it even bettter.

Use for price searching though

But I think the problem is ‘Rebates’ are not a big thing over here, or money off :frowning:

But I do hope there are some people than are good at finding the coupons for some extra money off :slight_smile:

i am always reluctant to give bank details out online. Have overclockers/ebuyer/comet ever caused any problems?

I’ve never had trouble with Comet (or Scan that I mentioned earlier).

Never had any hassles with Overclockers They were also very prompt at a refund when I received a faulty SB Audigy from them that was damaged in transit (they had none left in stock when I advised them it was damaged). My credit card was credited back the same day that they received the faulty one back along with postage reimbursement.

I ordered a monitor online from Scan at 4.00pm (because Dabs site was down!). It arrived at 9.30am next day.

Hows that for service - and it was cheaper than Dabs.

The CD-RW I ordered from scan also arrived in that sort of time.:bigsmile:

Me thinks dis be da cheap :slight_smile:

oh no! i was just ready to buy a 106 ±rw writer from bigpockets and they raised the price from £125. Grrrr…ill just go to the huge computer fair that we have weekly in manchester

blankdiscshop has the Pioneer 106 for £128.99


Pioneer DVR106 only £127.49 at

NEC ND-1300A £119.56 Including VAT at 17.5%

Cheap DVD+R media

NEC ND-1300a £110 inc VAT (OEM)

check out:

for blank media.