UK net users leading TV downloads

An article in today’s online bbc news service(link here=, indicates that a small but significant and increasing number of broadband users in the UK, are using bit torrent file sharing to download the latest US soaps , including trashy formula style programs like “Desperate Housewives” within hours of it being shown in the US, to bypass the usual local TV station airplay broadcasting delays which can be upto 12 months or more for the same episodes of popular US TV productions in most countries outside the North American continent. Interestingly whilst the number of broadband users in the UK exceed 6,000,000 and growing rapidly, less than 100,000 users at any one time are thought to be actively involved. So much for high levels of piracy claimed by the industry todate. Still, the industry is not amused it seems, due to possible losses in advertising revenue??? and also future losses in retail sales of DVD’s of the same programs??? appearing within less than 12 months of the initial TV broadcast.

and god save the queen…

Ok, I admit it, I downloaded some Simpsons episodes, but here we only get old episodes, the newest we have ever had is 2003.

If they gave the TV at the same time rather than making us wait for years then this problem wouldnt happen.

Ben :slight_smile:

i downloaded “joey”, its coming to channel 5 soon but i can’t get that, and to be honest its not that good so can’t see me buying it on dvd. if it was good though, i would buy it, like anything i download, if it aint good, i just get rid of it, it is then i buy it. Don’t worry about the simpsons, the new seasons are rubbish, they obviously are running low on ideas.

I know people who are downloading the latest series of 24. They dont want to wait for a year before they can watch it

damn UK bastards. I need that bandwith :slight_smile:

Region code anyone? hehehehe

I have to admit, that because I can download anything I’m interested in watching, regardless of which continent it’s airing on, I don’t bother to watch it on regular TV or spend cash to buy the DVDs at a later stage. The convenience of viewing an episode when I want & not to be tied into the TV company’s inconvenient(to me) schedules. It’s that feature which makes DLing TV eps so very appealing, not because I’m getting freebies. Yes, video recorders pretty much rule out my reasoning. So what it boils down to is DLing give me greater convenience over the VCR, because I get eps sooner. :bigsmile: