UK music store: DRM-free outsells DRM'd 4:1

I just posted the article UK music store: DRM-free outsells DRM’d 4:1.

Despite iTunes launching its DRM free store a few months back and recently reducing DRM-free tracks to the price of its DRM-infected tracks, so far it is not clear how well its DRM-free versions…

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Good catch. With this posting, consumer reaction is now validated. Prior, we were dealing personal feelings which had no basis for a reaction. DRM issue is not new. But working proven sales numbers and the current push in education on proper downloadable material, a real message can be sent. We here have always believed DRM Free would stand on its own. Now the second leg of this issue can be addressed, quality of the DRM Free track. As with your previous posting, some have lessened the quality to counter act the pending understanding of “sold”. This current info not only reaffirms consumers intent it brings into play the one complaint manufactures hung-on too, album sales. Consumers are again using their purchasing power to make a point. Affordable priced solutions. Total sales will influence any negative feedback.
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This makes sense. You wouldn’t buy a song you can’t listen to.