UK music industry puts 5 through court who refused to settle



I just posted the article UK music industry puts 5 through court who refused to settle.

  Even though the RIAA is doing a very good job at getting the individuals it sues to settle for their  unauthorised sharing of copyright works,  in the UK five  file sharers refused to...
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/me shudders


“We will be seeking an injunction and full damages for the losses they have caused, in addition to the considerable legal costs we are incurring as a result of their illegal activity.” Proving losses could be difficult. It could be argued that some people who downloaded the music may have gone on to purchase it at full cd quality, cancelling out any losses (if any really existed) so BPI owe the accused money for increasing sales. Other than loss of sales I fail to see what losses could have been caused Cease and desist sharing copyrighted stuff is probably fair enough though