UK Members - MIJ Verbatim CD-Rs

Anyone wanting CD-Rs might want to drop into the local Staples. Mine has loads of Extra Protection Made in Japan. These we know are TYs so worth getting , even at £11.99 for 50.

Ive seen these on clearance in Sainsburys many times at £6.99 for 50.

I think it really depends on the Sainsbury you use as my local ones on ever seem to have Sony.

Yep, my local Staples (Ashton, Bristol) has a shedload of them too. Agreed about them being worth getting despite the price.

I have two 50 cakeboxes in my closet, might treat myself to a couple more after my virus/bug thing has cleared up.

Huh? :confused:
Your discs are infected by bugs? But I thought the coconut smell would keep them away :bigsmile:

LOOOOOOL :bigsmile:…no, not the discs, me ;)…mind you, sounds like I should have doused myself with coconut if it would have kept it away :bigsmile:

Yes, shedloads of these over here too for €9,99=£6.60 (but only since a couple of months). Take care, A. :flower:

I can get them for £9 from somewhere i know. Have two full unopened spindles and one spindle with about 10 left.

I saw shelves full of these last week in my local “EL Giganten”. Since the price is 299 DKK (€40) for a 50pc cakebox, I wasn’t really tempted to buy any. :wink:

So what’s 299 DKK in quids (£), for those of us too lazy to run a conversion? :flower:

App 27 £ :eek: Denmark is such a bad place to hunt media even if the price DM mention is much lower than last time i checked :wink:

27 quid, that sounds like crazy talk.

Damn! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Move here Drage!!! :iagree:

Edit: or move to Belgium, as Cressida points out they’re even cheaper there!

Can get them locally (Saturn store, Germany) for 9.99 EUR a 50 pcs cake here also. Bought 300 discs last week.

Usually, Staples is worth a try also. They often have Verbatim Pastel discs in stock. Verbatim DVD+R DL media is quite cheap there also btw.

Is that an offer? :wink:

Edit: or move to Belgium, as Cressida points out they’re even cheaper there!
And did you suddenly get cold feet? :bigsmile:

:iagree: what with a dragon blowing hot & cold :wink: [B]Arachne[/B] must be scared you’ll catch something over at her place :bigsmile:

I must clarify that I was quoting the German price (where I would buy them), as I wouldn’t dream of buying in quantities of 50 at Belgian prices either (which is still only half of that Danish rip-off :eek: ).

Shouldn’t they be even cheaper in Luxembourg, as the price in Germany contains an extra donation for the starving music/film industry?


The GEMA blank media levy in Germany is irrelevant if you’re located in another country and import media from Germany, like e.g. Cressida does in Belgium and I do in Denmark. So we don’t have to pay the GEMA levy. :slight_smile:

Okay. Doesn’t matter as these LUX based shops are often more expensive than the local stores here in the city :smiley: At least for CD media :bigsmile: