UK Media - BenQ 8x +r 13.5p

Hi all

Aprmedia are doing 8x BenQ media at £3.23/25 plus post - I’ve just bought 600 of them, and they are all DAXON AZ2.

They will write at 12x on a 1620 pro, with B7T9 and overspeed/solidburn to 16x on a 1640 (with varying results at 12x).

If you use the code DVDFORUMS at checkout, you’ll get 3.30 off delivery as well!

Excellent on the 1620 - ok on the 1640 - I’m using these as ‘buddy’ discs, as they write at 6m05s at 16x, with pretty good quality.

I’ll agree, got 200 myself :wink:

Is it still there ?

Doesn’t seem to be listed any more - they must have sold out!


Are the ones in pack of 5/10 the same one ?

They look the same, but I haven’t bought any in jewel cases, so there isn’t any way to know whether they have the same MID…