UK - Maplin Verbatim DVD +/-R, DVD+/-RW, CDR - good deals?

Maplin have the following deals;

DVD+/-R 100 cake = £19.99 (Half price)

DVD+/-RW 25 cake = £19.99 (save £5.00)

Datalife CDR = £12.49 (Half Price)

I’ve bought a DVD+R cake. Mine say “Made In Taiwan” and “Advanced Azo+”. I haven’t opened them and checked the media code in case you lot scream and tell me to take them back quick smart. Are they any good?

I was thinking of buying a CDR cake. However I’ve heard that some of the verbatim CDRs are not all that clever. Are these particular ones good?

Apologies if this is a re-post. In my defence I have done a search for “verbatim maplin”

The DVD-/+R 25 cake for £19.99 isn’t a good deal, I can get 50 Verb YUDEN000 T03s for that in PC World. Even that’s dear :doh:

The 100 cake for £19.99’s good though, especially for Maplin’s :iagree:

Made in Taiwan they’re either gonna be CMC or Prodisc-made. I’ve found either is good. :slight_smile:

The offer was actually for the RWs so not too bad I guess.

The 100 packs of DVD+/-R are good value. In our local
Maplin the +R are MIT probably CMC and the -R
are MII by MBI.

I don’t know anything about the Datalife CD-R.

Ah, gotcha :wink:

you could look here for TY verbatim CDR

sorry, not maplins though

Which are the best out of these two?

I would be happy with either one. I think most cdfreaks would
recommend made in Taiwan CMC Verbatims over made in India
MBI Verbatims. Based on my own scan results, I would say
that the MII discs are every bit as good as MIT or MIJ Verbatim.

I would go for the +R on the grounds that MCC004 tends to
give slightly better quality scans than -R MCC 03RG20.

Rats, I literally just put in an order for TY CDRs at SVP, if I’d known those Pastels were in stock I’d have got some :doh:

i’m sure if you email Steve, he’ll sort out your order :iagree:

I think I might just do that, cheers BJ :slight_smile: - never tried the Pastels before :eek:

Thanks for the very helpful replies. There are some gentlemen, ladies and scholars on this forum aren’t there?

Now if only I could understand some of the technical stuff and thus cure my pounding headache, I might even become knowledgeable myself one day (I won’t hold my breath though ;)).

Come visit us in the Blank Media forum - we don’t bite (well, not much :bigsmile: ) - all that “technical stuff” will become second nature in no time :wink:

I wish I had your confidence. You do realise your talking about someone who struggles to win a chess match against the “beginner” setting on his smartphone, don’t you?

Well look at it this way…Arachne is a woman and has probably more knowledge than most here :iagree: We all started as newbie’s and i’m sure you can learn all of this also.

No offense Arachne but not many women know much about stuff here :flower:

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£19.99 is not a bad price for the SL if you need some in a hurry, especially good considering its Maplins :o. If not in need id wait for the staples sale on Verbs.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]£19.99 is not a bad price for the SL if you need some in a hurry, especially good considering its Maplins :o. If not in need id wait for the staples sale on Verbs.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Do you mean the Staples stock of Verbatim DVD-R TY03? Aren’t those on sale now?

The posters in the above thread seem to be saying that the Verb MC004s are marginally better than the Verb TY03s, but that Panasonic TY03 are better than both of them. Are you saying that your experience differs?


Well last time around, all -R were £8.99, not just the TY codes (which IIRC have a slightly different reorder code).