UK Man gets 1st conviction under EU © Directive for Xbox mod

I just posted the article UK Man gets 1st conviction under EU © Directive for Xbox mod..

 A 22  year-old Cambridge graduate man has been the 1st person in the UK to be  convicted for selling chipped Xboxes since the European Copyright  Directive came into affect in October...
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This is crap the whole sting operation wasn’t about a chipped x-box at all it was about the 80 pirated games on the x-box. I hate the way the media put a spin on things :(:frowning:

i agree; his problem was “with a big hard drive containing 80 games.” not the because of the mod chip. i own a pstwo & that is only for playing stuffs stored in my server on tv; whenever they have a chance, $ony & m$ try to think public that the hacking & modding electronic devices are bad… :d

though i bet they still “frown” on upgrading your HD on the xbox to 200gb, even if you dont “pre-load” warez’d games on it. though i can guarantee if you were to call microsoft to ask if they offer that option (upgrading harddrive) on the xbox that they would laugh at you, and hang up the phone. [ok, maybe not laugh at you, but adamantly deny that its even possible, let alone that they could do it for you]

I modded my Xbox manly so I could have a media player that would play any type of media weather it be Divx or Xvid file or mp3. Legally I don’t see the difference from upgrading a OEM Dell, HP prossessor or HD from upgrading “aka” Modding a Xbox. Xbox media Center makes a $140 Xbox into a $500 Kiss player that can give you weather info, as well as even surff the net. XBMC is a free program just like linux & makes even windows media center look like a DRM restrictive overpriced peace of crap. The man did nothing wrong modding the Xbox’s but putting copyrighted property on the HD of those Xbox’s that he modded was illegal.

well, any xbe compiled with the XDK is illegal. Thats why you will only find the source code to XBMC on their homepage and not a compiled binary file…

be honest he was stupid enough to pre load with 80 peices of copied software wich yes i understand gets the price up for him but advertising on a web page is just plain stupid he should have just done like everyone else advertise the mmodding service and then over the phone the you know what service silly boy timothy

…when they say “Cambridge graduate” are they just rubbing it in? I think so :g Needless to say, this guy was a bit on the dumb side. Daddy will pay the fine…