UK Legalities?

I’m sure this have been done a million times over on here, but I can’t find it by searching.

Is AnyDVD legal to buy and use in the UK for backing up my own legally purchased DVDs to safeguard against damage to the original? Having damaged more than one removing them from overly-tight cases I think backing them up might be a good idea if I can do it legally.

I have read mixed views via a Google search about it being legal to buy (because the transaction takes place in Antigua) but not use etc., but these were all about the US and not the UK.

If this is seriously of concern to you, you should probably consult an attorney with expertise in whatever laws have been enacted in the UK on this subject. Of course by the time you finish paying that attorney, you could probably have purchased 2 copies of every dvd you are concerned about.

Or - you could take the “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach and just go quietly about your business.