UK lawyers are eyeing illegal download clampdown in the US

I just posted the article UK lawyers are eyeing illegal download clampdown in the US.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the legal minds in the UK are watching prosecutions in the United States that deal with copyright abuse on the…

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If they truly do stop any mass pirating (or truly, sharing and viewing/listening to see if you like something or, as in the USA, where american citizens cannot see a show for years because one network has the rights to show it), then sales of computer kit such as drives, MB’s (those with DCRM bioses), media, broadband isp’s, etc, etc, all will lose business and go under. Why buy new PC’s, pay for fast access, pay for media, etc, when there’s nothing to use it with?

I totally agree with you, I’ve been saying ever since napster was free. If you kill filesharing you also kill broadband. Who’s gonna want a DSL/CABLE connection just to check your mail, and send an IM. I mean there are some broadband websites out there, but they don’t justify the cost of broadband alone.