UK lawfirm faces hearing over copyright enforcement tactics

UK lawfirm faces hearing over copyright enforcement tactics.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In 2008, complaints were filed against Davenport Lyons’ former partner Brian Miller and solicitor David Gore by a consumer advocacy group, Which?, alleging that the two had used "excessive" and "bullying" tactics with citizens who were accused of illegally downloading films and music. Now a date has finally been set for a hearing.

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so what about a date for the hearing against ACS:Law? any news on that? they (and other firms) have been doing/are doing the same thing. action also needs to be taken against the ‘entertainment industries’ that are advocating this type of behaviour, instead of changing their business model and catering for customers requests, thereby competing with on-line file sharing. if they dont change, they are fighting a losing battle, because file sharing wont stop!

What could they possibly mean? Extortion isn’t legal?

The only thing bigger than a law firms photocopying room is the law firms shredding room …

Miller/Gore: Debbie, bring me all the files pertaining to the Movie & Music industry … actually, just send the cabinets down to the shredding department. Debbie, I’ll need you to do some overtime this week :wink:

in 1999, humax brought out a satellite box , with a hack built in. all anyone needed to do was go online with the right bit of kit, down load the codes and watch the latest movies. if the film was polish or spanish, all you then done was change the sound, to what ever , IE english, french, german, etc
so anyone who was watching their tv would be breaking some law in europe.
i dont ever remember anyone taken to court. but then 10 years ago we did not have a world recession. maybe all the big corps, have found a better way of taking money from the less well of. because the banks have screwed us all,
their is not much money left in the pot.