UK ISPs upset over BBC IPTV service bandwidth

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Up until now, surveys carried out of Internet traffic have found that a bulk of the traffic is from file sharing networks such as BitTorrent. Some ISPs are also infamously known for throttling…

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That’s the price you pay for progress. Everyone needs to move forward. The lines/networks will need upgraded eventually in any case. But I sure don’t have sympathy for the ISPs. Many of them have horrible bandwidth limitations in terms of GB/mth. Those who do get unlimited can be subjected to a fair use policy whenever a company has enough of it. And then there’s the way they group as many people onto a server as possible, rather than keeping a sensible limit for all round reasonable speeds. At least we got past the days of dialup and the constant busy signal.

I hope that Verizon Fiber Optic comes to a city near me. i would like to have 15Mb/sec down and 3Mb/sec UP. Better than cable and at the same price. I think they offer higher speeds but at a premium price.

Well the ISPs should get off their backsides and supply a better service. Haveing seen the progressionin fiber optic delivery etc for high speed internet in France or example, the UK shoudl pull their finger out. But it’s just a case of third rate quality for a country which is going forth rate in terms of technology supply

the BBC has a huge archive of tv and radio and once again the uk people will miss out becuase the tech isnt up to date. pathetic

Boo-bloody-hoo for those ISPs. What kind of business model gets away with that kind of attitude? The ISP model means a committment to perpetual upgrades! If they are “shaping traffic” or limiting bandwidth for certain types of traffic, then it’s an indication that the ISP is at fault. Adapt, evolve, progress or die. The choices are simple. There is no sympathy for the ISPs because they deserve none. This is like the Post Office saying “hey, let’s stop the internet because we can handle everything the internet currently does, only a wee bit more slowly”…

Tiscali are the Uk’s worst ISP. They cry if you use your connection for anything other than browsing the web, Then throttle your speed to less than dial up :r

If the BBC are going to do this then the chances are that the other UK broadcasters (ITV, CH4, CH5 & Sky) are going to do the same at some time, what will the Service Providers do then ? Paul

The UK ISP market is very competitive, and products are priced at a level where its assumed that they will be only lightly used, and with a very slim profit margin. I think you can only say “I have no sympathy for the ISPs” if you are willing to pay a reasonable monthly fee to cover your usage. £20/month doesn’t pay for very much given that most ISPs resell BT Wholesale service to provide the link from their data centres to consumers homes (£1.5M/year excl VAT for a 622Mb central pipe) It works out that an hour of peak time iPlayer use costs an ISP about 67 pence. No business can afford to give something away at less than it costs them. If you want something then pay for it!