UK - ISPs in music pirates deal



Six of the UK’s biggest net providers have agreed a plan with the music industry to tackle piracy online.


I’m with BT and although I do not download music or pirated software I will be moving my account as soon as I find a decent ISP.
It’s the thought that I am considered to be a criminal and have my browsing and download habits investigated or spied on by a commercial entity ( which I pay handsomely to supply their service) to satisfy another commercial company who is trying to hold back the flood of new technology.
It is not the job of my ISP to investigate what I am up to or whether I am breaking the law or not, but the relevant authority which is governed by law as to what they can and cannot do.
The police or secret services would need a warrant to “wire tap” my computer and amass evidence.
Where is the common sense gone to here?:a


I completely agree, I’m with Virgin, the first ISP to sign up.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of taking my custom elsewhere (too far from the exchange for DSL, which just leaves me with cable).

When Virgin first signed up to it, I imagined this mass exodus from their service in favour of DSL…but it seems most of the big players in DSL are beginning to sign up also.

Notice this plan is also backed by the MPAA - typical they’d have a say in it somewhere :rolleyes:


I am so far from my exchange that the offered 8mbs is 400-600k depending on the weather. Apparently the most offered by other ISP’s is 1mbs!


If piracy is as widespread as they say. Can you honestly see ISP’s telling 100,000 + customers. “Sorry we don’t want your monthly payment anymore, we are terminating your contract with us”.?


[quote=weedougie;2098510]I do not download music or pirated software.
Where is the common sense gone to here?:a[/quote]
And there’s nothing worth the bandwidth these days either :stuck_out_tongue: