UK ISP's don't have to disconnect pirates

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The British government has ruled out legislation that would force Internet Service Providers to ban illicit file sharers.Intellectual Property Minister David Lammy told the Times that complex legal…

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I know one way to “satisfy all parties involved”. Charge me $20 a month to download whatever I want from whereever I want. This is a win-win for everyone. The RIAA doesn’t have to worry about spending money keeping servers to host music. The ISPs don’t have to worry about sending out letters to those that would pay the fee. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about lawsuits. Plus, the RIAA is getting money in return for not having to do anything…Of course, you know they would never do this.

Monthly fees are bad, because then the RIAA will want their cut, the MPAA will want their cut, and here in Canada even the newspapers want a cut for some messed up reason. Everyone who loses money because of the internet will want to start tacking on fees. That and the RIAA is bad enough right now with putting out crappy product, and being uncompetitive, I don’t think we should give them free money to keep rolling out crap.