UK Info Disk v9.0

I have bought a genuine copy of UK Info Disk Pro 9.
The setup CD copies fine,but the Data CD is copy protected,and I do believe with water mark protection. I have tried most software Clone CD etc.
I have tried to burn it using cloney CD blind write and twin peak methods,but still wont work. Any thing else I could use.?
Ray :confused:

Ite and welcome to the forums :smiley: .

How do you mean still wont work?

wtf is water mark protection?

What I mean is when I copy the Data CD all the files are there,but program will not recognise the copied CD. Yet when I scan it for the protection,it says no protection on CD. This is on all versions of UK Info DIsk. I was told it has a water mark protection on CD.This I dont know much about
Ray :sad:

Ok, maybe try making a image of it mounting it then testing it.


Thanks for info.
Could you tell me how to do this image and test it.
Ray :eek:

Hi rayo,

first of all we need to know the exact copy protection used by this software take a look here Identify Copy Protection, Helpful Hints, Posting Rules and try the scanners if you haven’t done this yet. After this there will be more help for you :). I never got a cd in my own hands which was watermark protected I only read that it is used for images and audio cds never heard of data cds but who knows.

Guys I also have this disc - it is pretty crazy - it is SECUROM - it wouldnt even play in my DVD-RW kept saying FILE NOT FOUND - I had to install a DVD-ROM drive - then it worked properly…

I should imagine it is the same protection as used on DVD Games for SECUROM :frowning:

Thanks for the info muzchap :slight_smile: ,

so you have to look here CloneCD: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games rayo to create a working backup. It should be SecuROM 4.8xxx or higher if it’s an actual software. Try to scan it to get the exact version.

Hi M8
I downloaded latest versions of clone CD cloney builder and twin peaks.
Made the BWA file with nice curve and the peaked it to patched ccd.
I burned it onto CD with no problems. Ran the program and still this CD wont work. So back to this water mark protectionon CD ?? Because I bought the CD from I told them that the original CD would not read the dat cd and the said it has water mark protection and told me to down load a patch.
but did not work. So I believe this can never be copied. This may be used in the future for all games and data. Hope not :frowning:

Anyone know where to find serial numbers for this version ?

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Sorry, understand.

Tried all,but still wont work. I give up UK Info Disk Data CD 2 cant be copied.

Hi ppl seen the posts and thought is join to answer the question…i bought uk-info 9 2004 and backed up the second cd only prob is it has to run from the second cd i cant get it to run from my hard drive anyway any questions post on here or email me at and ill explain how to make a working backup of cd2 oh important u must own the origional cd’s to follow my instructions so dont bother emailing me if all you want to do is get a none working copy from the net to work lol…

Bollocks i thought i mayaswell try to explain how to do it on here cos maybe everyone havin probs has already figured it out anyway please excuse the crap explanation as writtin shit down is not for forte


  1. You can use nero to backup the first cd as i found no protection on this

  2. When backing up cd2 make sure securerom new x4/x5 is enabled & make sure the rmps setting in emulation is also enabled

  3. Make the image…

  4. When installing this prog make sure cd1 has been installed from the cd dont try to install it from the hard-drive (this is important)

  5. Make sure when you goto burn ur backup of cd2 that the same settings are enabled (2.) ie securerom new x4/x5 & rmps setting in the emulation tab

thats it once done remembering that alchol is whats emulating disk 2 as long as this is installed or some rmps emulating software cd1 & 2 will install fine and run and questions you all have my email and i hope ive broke no rules answering this…

Hi,Ive just gone to burn my backup of cd2 using alcohol,Ive pointed it towards the image i think its an MDF and when i try and burn it with nero it says Unrecognised file format for recording please insert a recognised file for recording ,Any ideas on what im doing wrong,Thanks

lol dont want to sound like a cunt but u made the image in alchol for one purpose and one purpose only its the only thing i no of for backing up the second cd so heres my question y on earth are u tryin to write it with nero lol use alchol to burn image

Woops,My mistake im trying to burn the image with Alcohol,and it comes up with that error when i try and open it with alcohol to burn

Anyone know :slight_smile: