UK GUYS PANASONIC DVD-R 16x Pod of 100 (Taiyo Yuden TYG03 Dye) RRP £37.99 Special £19

PANASONIC DVD-R 16x Pod of 100 (Taiyo Yuden TYG03 Dye) RRP £37.99 Special £19.62, can i give link here ?

Item Description
Panasonic DVD-R 16x Speed Branded Capacity: 4.7GB 120 minutes - 1x to 16x recordable - reflective layer purple - top layer silver- ideal for mass duplication.

RRP: £37.99

Disc Information:

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [TYG03]

Item Code: PANDVD-RX16POD100
Size: Pod of 100
Capacity: 4.7Gb/120Mins
Pack Size: 100 Discs
Packaging: Spindle Tub

You can. But next time you can post into the [B]Bargain Basement[/B] forum :wink:
There are virtually no UK and Europe deals in there, so some activity in there can’t be wrong! :smiley:

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I purchased 100 earlier this morning…already despatched should be with me on Friday.

yes that is where i got them from also, can we give results when they delivered Ivanhoe, do you think its a bargain ? seem’s good to me, and thx guys for moveing to right forum.


for £20, it’s a good bargain

paulsmith… Will backup some of my movie collection and post some scans over the weekend.

just ordered 200 of them

ok thx i will look forward to seeing them, i will only burn them myself at 12x max on my pio111d.

To bad they only ship to the UK.

Man…all you Europeans are lucky. No Panasonic CD/DVDs here in the US. Very limited selection here-all MITs these days.

Panasonic-branded DVD-R media is sold in the US. I’ve seen it at Best Buy and Fry’s, MIJ TYG01 and TYG02.

Delivery arrived @ 07.30 these babies are MADE IN JAPAN. May have to order 200 more.

:confused: i can’t believe you said that, the US has lots of deals, rebates and more competition from other companies, for [I]once[/I] the UK has a good deal :bigsmile:

try for your TY’s :iagree:

Looks like a gread deal if you get TY MIJ. But with Panasonic increasingly moving over to MIT I would be a little worried I might end up with 100 mediocre discs. Certainly SVP no longer seem sure what the MID code is for Panasonics and have stopped specifying what they will be.

£37.99 is pretty expensive when converting to USD, but me and a bud of mine that is in the UK often joke about how for pricing, the exchange rate is treated as though $1=£1.

It is a great deal , unfortunately I am not a UK guy :sad:
2 Egyptian Pounds per Panasonic TYG03 disc is awesome because right now I buy them for 7 Egypian Pounds per disc in slim cases here in Egypt :a
They burn very well with both of my drives and look very stylish with that gold top .

but there only £19 :stuck_out_tongue:

nice m8 so they are Taiyo Yuden TYG03 for sure then.

hi, svp have them in at £18 for a 100 with 99p shipping to the uk for this weekend only on orders of £40 and above but as stated above no guarantee of mid code