UK firm patents software downloads

I just posted the article UK firm patents software downloads.

 GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us  "When will this Patent insanity end, you cannot Patent software downloads, because there"s nothing to Patent. This is no different from the...
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Here is what I think. Someone should Patent BReathing AIR and charge ANYONE working for this company $.50 a breath. How stupid, paten downloading, I mean don’t you have to have MADE the product to paten it? cause I am willing to bet that Downloading of files and images is probebly something that came about in a Opensource community. Acutally now that i think of it viewing a webpage would be considered Downloading, since you are retreiving HTML code from a server much like a filedownload. :g Cannot take this anymore, this is just stupid

lol, I should try and patent “software patents” and make a load of cash :stuck_out_tongue:

see the first line of your post? Stop right there. I’ve patented thinking. Please cease all thinking activity because you are infringing my IP.

I just wrote a patent on using letters to form words. Damn, I’m tired…but it’s a ‘good’ kind of tired. What’s a letter worth anyways? I’ve always wanted a Lamborghini. Even as my patent is fought, I will become richer! :slight_smile:

Better make sure your patent doesn’t nfrnge on ntel’s copyright on the letter "".
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I will have to patent taking legal action against me. Everytime someone sues me I will just get richer. :g

Or maybe somebody should patent the idea of a Dickhe*d tax, because as we all know they would make trillions from all those Politicians and music co execs, and they would also make a couple of hundred from everybody else. “As he runs off to start looking in the phone book for the patent office number”

I’m patenting the word “terrorist.” Think of all the money I’ll make! :S

Is it free to view other peoples patents? If so then I would love to see how they have made downloading their idea and when it was patented. You could argue that the first downloads where made when one computer first transmitted information (of any kind) to another computer, and that person is the inventor. If so then that was probabally done before many people even knew what a computer was, so in my mind this is a load of bollocks. But just in case it isn’t then I’m changing my name to God and patenting electricity, sunlight and the Oxygen molecule :wink: