UK feels bite of iTunes overpricing

I just posted the article UK feels bite of iTunes overpricing.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that UK customers will
feel very bitter when they start comparing prices of songs on the UK’s
Apple iTunes service and those on the French…

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Then the brits will just have to take the free option then!

…and we do…well some do anyway. One of the best ones, and I know this is popular with the Police force, is to pop down the local library, borrow a disc and make a secure backup of it…QED…problem solved. No need to keep the record company leeches, ooooppps I mean execs in Porches and Rolls Royces anymore… As for me…music these days just leaves me cold…

And lets ratify the making of those copies using the same reasoning politicians do, your not guilty if you don’t get caught…:X

Well continuing to ripp us off will make us all download music FOR FREE!!!:d

MSN Music is 69p per track, or £6.99 for any album (how ever many tracks). So I use MSN, but sometimes MSN doesnt have the song I want, as its range isnt as good, so I use iTunes. Considering albums here can cost as much as £15.99 in the shops, and around £12 online with p&p, it isnt bad.
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