UK education agency says no to Vista, Office 2007

The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) has published its final report (PDF) on Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. The agency is largely sticking with its interim recommendations that schools steer clear of Vista in existing deployments and Office 2007 altogether.



Thats an interesting stand against Microsoft.

good good good

If my business had spare copies of Office XP, we’d be re-deploying those.
The new layout for Office 2K7 is just … weird … no matter what it says.

Everyones used to the good old customisable… what you want on the main screen …

I’m still refusing to purchase Vista with our machines.

I have Office 2007 and love it. It smokes the compition and 2003. Setting it up to your preference is a little time consuming but worth it.
It has all the tools right on the window verses the old one where you have to click 5 different windows to do one task!