UK DVDs 'a rip-off' - European customers pay more, get less

I just posted the article UK DVDs ‘a rip-off’ - European customers pay more, get less.

The British newspaper reports that DVDs in the UK and Europe are overpriced and are less quality then the same US titles. Besides that almost every DVD that is released in the UK or Europe is…

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I don’t pay more, I only ever buy DVDs if: a) They’re in a sale or; b) I buy from Is there anywhere else as cheap? £5 cheaper on Only Fools & Horses Series 5. Now let me see where am I gonna spend my money HMV (£20) or Play…? Bit of a no brainer really ain’t it… :slight_smile:

My that’s fuckin new 's isn’t it the UK/europe always gets shafted by high price’s

Hey hold on, us poor Europeans have been paying over the odds for DVD and CD music for years. I should know I stayed in North Carolina Sept 11th l/y and I bought 60+ dvd’s back with me. Greetz from The Diplomat :8

The mark up for imported media and hardware in australia was 47%. Our government in consultation with our consumer watchdog decided it was too much and dropped it to 45%… so much for the “global village”…:7

you goes outside the states are getting piped in the ass, stand up to your piss poor leaders and get the ball on the court, true we get screwed out of great things here aswell but we bitch and get revenge

Yep so in Australia most dvd’s sell for 15-18 US$

DVDs are very pricey here unless they’re on sale, typically €30 up. I came across an online store called Their DVDs are roughly €22.50. I couldn’t figure out why they’re much cheaper until I knew someone who bought DVDs from them (I also bought several CDs). The package they came in went though customs at Hong Kong! :wink:

Why don’t your Euros use Ebay more???