UK DVD recorder in Norway

Hi, I have recently moved to Norway and brought my DMR E50 DVD recorder (multiregion model) with me from the UK. While it plays DVDs happily enough it fails to tune into Norwegian TV broadcasts, hence I cannot record anything. I’m guessing that there is a signal incompatibility but is this correct? One strange thing that I can’t seem to resolve is that the TV channels end at channel 19 with nothing any higher but the DVD recorder only starts looking for channels at 21 and above. Does anyone have any tips or must I buy a “norwegian” specification recorder?
Thanks in advance.

In the uk we use the PAL B system on the UHF band 474-878 mhz.
I should think that your machine could possibly be programed or have its firmware updated to enable you to use it. Alas as I have no direct experience, some one else may have to assist you.
Have you tried the Norge Panasonic site?