UK anti-piracy campaigners reveals DVD piracy up by 133%



I just posted the article UK anti-piracy campaigners reveals DVD piracy up by 133%.

 Just a few days ago, the UK has dealt with the largest ever seizure of  pirate CDs and DVDs from one factory in Southall, west London, in which  around UK£400,000 worth of media (50,000 discs)...
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after adding lousy warnings & restrictions on user operations + high price…no wonder people are willing to buy “fake” dvds thought i cannot support those “fake” dvd makers, but it is understandable that they are sold well.


That’s because nobody can afford to buy movies, games etc because they are paying for expensive petrol and their taxes are all going to single girls with 4 kids to get a free house!


133%…no such figure…:X


having no money can not be an excuse for buying pirated stuffs, but i don’t think today’s digital entertainments are priced way more than their worth. it is also tricky that all those stuffs are licensed not sold to consumers, yet copy rights cartels insist that consermers cannot get a replacement nor a backup for damaged media we should get bills of rights for digital contents not DMCA


lower the dam prices of the dvd’s and then you wont have this problem.


Gee, no wonder the pirates can’t make a go of it. They are buying blanks for £8 (400k/50k) and selling the movies for £2.


Hoist that Jolly Roger above the good ship UK…! :+