UK and US cds



Hey guys,
I know this is a very stupid question, but i couldnt find anywhere on the web to ask it…

You know most CDs these days, you can get US versions and UK versions. Well apart from sometimes one or the other has bonus tracks, is there any difference. Did the bands record a version for the UK and a version for the US? I know when i rip a CD on windows media player, it automatically finds media information for the UK version (because i buy my CDs from the UK) but i just want to know “DO THE TRACKS DIFFER FROM UK AND US VERSIONS OF CDS”

thanks guys, and i know its a stupid question…


I don’t think so.


Many times, the album art & packaging can be different, and they may contain tracks that were not on the other version, but the tracks on the discs (unless noted otherwise) are the same. :iagree:


I have several CD’s where I have purchased imports to compliment UK versions.

For instance, AC/DC, I have UK and Australian versions of the same albums. (cos I love 'em :bow: ).

The tracks are the [B]exact same recordings[/B], except for one or two extra songs on the Oz version. But the covers state that they are manufactured/pressed in their respective countries.


Ah, so they are manufactored in different countries, but (excluding bonus tracks, etc) the actual recordings are the same.

Thanks guys. :wink:


Occasionally tracks could be censored & hence not included in respective countries :wink: